About PayiQ

PayiQ develops cloud-based intelligent mobile payment solutions for public and private transport utilizing Microsoft Azure technology. The company focuses on mobile tickets and on security and safety when using and validating them. PayiQ is the leading mobile payment solutions provider in Mobility as a Service sector. The company is participating in national and international development programs like MaaS Operator (MaaS Global).

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) is one of the emerging concepts globally. It is recognized as a key enabler for sustainable urban development. Accelerating urbanization, the urging need for pollution prevention and the emphasis on green values require new ways of thinking for public transport, as well as a for diverse, user-friendly transportation in general. Integrated services for mobility are future mainstream for smart urban planning.

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  • 28,2014 October
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Finland is becoming a pioneer in this field. The first open innovation platform for mobility services is currently being developed in Finland. It is a joint national program initiated by Tekes - the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation - and the Ministry of Transport and Communications. As one of the first companies, PayiQ has developed a mobile payment solution designed especially for these new MaaS business models.